A new project!: Nizar & Yasamin

This project brings together two distinctive voices in the oud world, the Palestinian Nizar Rohana and the Iranian Yasamin Shahhosseini. Their original compositions put up a rare meeting between styles from Arabic and Persian music and offer a unique insight into the delicate transitions and the intersections of the oud. They are currently working on a new album entitled Sujūd (Adoration). Recently, their album received a fund from The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC).  

PhD in artistic research!

In December 2021, Nizar received his PhD in artistic research at Leiden University Academy for Creative and Performing Arts. His thesis, ‘Ūd Taqsīm as a Model of Pre-Composition, includes a number of new compositions for solo ud inspired by the improvisations of the great Egyptian ud players Muhmmad al-Qasabji and Riyad al-Sunbati. These pieces include some of the favourable works among Nizar's audience such as Safsaf Abyad (White Willow) and Mufradat Nahawand. 

Find out more about Nizar's PhD project here: 

'Hopscotch', a duet for oud and piano

New release: 'Hopscotch', a duet for oud and piano

Tossing a stone into a pattern of rectangles puts drama in a different scope, somewhere between hop and jump in the spirit of a game.

Nizar Rohana - oud

Fadi Deeb- piano

Bishara Khell - composition

Image by Paul Brown

The video is available via the following link


A new solo piece is released on YouTube!

Mufradat nahawand is a new ud solo piece inspired by the practices of the great Egyptian ud players and composers Muhammad Al-Qasabji and Riyad Al-Sunbati. 

The video was directed and produced by Michel Gasco and recorded by Empatia Studio. It was recorded at the historical venue Sala de Exposiciones Santo Domingo de la Cruz, Salamanca, Spain. 

The video is available via the following link

Nizar Rohana Trio featuring trumpeter Eric Vloeimans at Bimhuis!


A special last concert in 2019! On 21 December, Nizar Rohana Trio will host Holland's best-Known trumpeter Eric Vloeimans in a concert at Bimhuis in Amsterdam!

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Art work by Odesign.nl

Madar Ensemble album Aacamar is out now!

Madar Ensemble album Acamar is out now! Stream and order your copy from any of the following: 

Spotify / Youtube

Challenge Records 

About the album

Madar Ensemble will release their album Acamar on Friday 10 May 2019!

Madar ensemble will release their album 'Acamar' on Friday 10 May 2019. 

listen to the track Madar Bayati here

Nizar Rohana Trio will showcase at Injazz next June!

Nizar Rohana Trio will showcase at the Dutch international conference and festival Injazz. The event will take place in the city of Rotterdam on 27-28 June!  

For more info follow the link below:


By Charlie Crooijmans

Said Chraibi Prize | Ud Festival 2018

I was honoured with the Said Chraibi Prize at the closing ceremony and concert of Ud Festival. The ceremony and concert were held on 23 November 2018 at Muzikgebouw in Amsterdam. 

Ud Festival 2018

I will give three concerts with different projects during the 2nd edition of the Dutch Ud Festival.

Dutch Masters of the Ud, Erasmus Park, Amsterdam,  9 September.

Dutch Masters of the Ud, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 10 October.

Rohana-Overwater Ensemble , Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, 20 October.

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