Madar Ensemble - Acamar

Acamar, from the Arabic ākhir an-nahrmeaning "the end of the river", is a star located in the constellation Eridanus, variously associated by ancient astronomers with rivers across the Mediterranean and MiddleEast, including the Nile, Po and Euphrates. The music in this album is inspired by the classical civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean which relied in daily life on an understanding of the cosmos. 

Madar (literally 'an orbit’) is a group of five musicians from The Netherlands, Palestine, Tunisia and Jordan. With a genuine curiosity for and understanding of each other’s musical language, they have come together with the purpose of creating something new, built on a deeply shared respect for the qualities of their various musical worlds. 

Madar Ensemble:

Jasser Haj Youssef - viola d'amore 

Maarten Ornstein - clarinet 

Nizar Rohana - ud 

Tony Overwater - double bass 

Nasser Salameh – percussion

Filmed & Recorded at Wisseloord studios, September 2018

Cameraman: Bart Voorbergen

Editor: Tony Overwater