Organizational Training

Building Bridges Jerusalem welcomes opportunities to work in collaboration with other organizations and institutions that share our passion for effective change in local communities. Our trained group of staff put together tailored experiential workshops for school, community, or other groups to surface issues around difference and division, and share our expertise in teaching communication and leadership skills.

The trainings we provide for groups focus on using Building Bridges techniques of active listening and skills that can be employed for more effective communication. We also provide trainings on facilitation techniques and leadership practices with the aim of making Building Bridges resources accessible to local communities.

Our trainings are available in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.

Some of the organizations and institutions we have worked with include:Kids for Peace Jerusalem, The Unit for Equal Opportunity for Arab students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Social Excellence Forum and more.

If you are interested in learning more about our trainings and working with our experienced staff to create collaboration opportunities that best fit your needs, contact us at [email protected]