Building Bridges MUES

Building Bridges Middle East-United State (formerly known as Building Bridges for Peace)was created in 1994, and for more than twenty years has brought together young Israeli, Palestinian and American women from diverse cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, political, and religious backgrounds to gain communication and leadership skills that enables them to bring about more just and inclusive societies.

Building Bridges MUES is a two years program, including two residential summer intensives, followed by monthly meetings and overnight retreats in participants’ home communities. During the summer intensive, participants learn new communication techniques, develop leadership and conflict transformation skills, and engage in activities where they confront difficult issues from a variety of perspective in a safe space. After the summer program participants return to their home communities and work together and individually to strengthen their communication and leaderships skills, and implement various projects in their own home communities.

Expected outcomes and long term benefits for participants of the BBfP program include:

  • Acquire communication skills that teach youth to listen with the intent of deeply understanding the ‘other’ side’s perspective and to speak so that the other side can ‘hear’ their narrative;
  • Understand the universality of conflict by learning about the conflicts presented in the societies represented and that a global perspective is a useful tool in approaching their own conflicts;
  • Experience diversity in a safe and positive setting that helps break down stereotypes and see the humanity in the other side, thereby promoting alternatives to violence;
  • Recognize themselves as agents of change in their communities.

Participants are young women entering 10th-11th grade, and committed to learning about their community and others around the world.

This program is conducted in collaboration with Building Bridges Denver. For more information, visit the Building Bridges website.