Alumni Projects

Alumni Booklet

This booklet is tribute to the incredible individuals who have made our work possible. It is dedicated to sharing a little bit about our alumni with the goal of creating a space for them to learn about each other, and explore possible ways of collaboration on projects with each other and with the organization.

Are you a Building Bridges alumni ? Add your bio to our booklet! Fill out THIS FORM or send a short paragraph describing what you do today and your experience with Building Bridges to [email protected].

Upcoming Programs

Building Bridges in the Community

A 3 months Haifa-based program with young women at risk, developed and facilitated by our own alumni, and done in collaboration with Orot center and Rana Khoury - a local artist who will be teaching the participants how to make embroidered jewelry.

This program creates a safe space for students to reflect on their personal experiences as well as acquire communication skills. The participants will get a first-hand experience of Building Bridges workshops, focusing on communication, self-expression and identity. The participants are taught embroidery techniques as a tool to express themselves while also learning economic development strategies that enables them to create their own line of design.

Writing Workshop for Women at Risk

This program was developed by Building Bridges 2006 aluma, Tal-Shahar, which introduces writing as a therapeutic tool and a basis for dialogue and discussion. The program in conducted in a drop-in center in downtown Jerusalem with the goal of teaching young women at risk how to use writing as a way of expressing and processing emotions and thoughts. It is also intended to provide a space for the participants to express themselves in a safe and supporting environment, as well as create a circle of support among the women in the shelter.

By exposing participant to a variety of opinions concerning issues such as identity, gender, community, and more, they are able to engage in meaningful conversations, using Building Bridges communication tools, to reflect on their own experiences, learn about others, and together, explore ways through which their voices can be heard.

Alumni Network Meetings

Our alumni are our greatest asset, therefore, we invest in them by conducting various meetings throughout the year to encourage alumni involvement, and create opportunities for them to connect with each other. Here are some of the alumni network meetings that were held this past year:

GA and Jerusalem retreat

In April, Building Bridges Jerusalem had its annual General Assembly meeting, and made it into a two-day retreat in Jerusalem, where our alumni were able to discuss the future of the organization. The first day of the retreat ended with a communal dinner at a hostel, and on the next day we went on a tour, watched a documentary, and engaged in a fun cooking lessons at the Educational Bookshop!

During the tour, we were able to visit various neighborhoods in the city, and to hear personal stories that are affected by the current socio-political context in Jerusalem and the region at large. The day also included watching a documentary about the areas we had visited, which raised many feelings, questions, and thoughts about each person’s own identity and the identity of Building Bridges Jerusalem. The discussion moved back and forth between personal reactions to the struggles East Jerusalem Palestinians face and the experience of witnessing these realities together, to the role of the organization now that it’s based in the region.

Haifa Event

On June we had our northern alumni event. We went on a tour in Haifa to learn about the history, culture, and complexities of the city known as the “city of coexistence”.

Many of our alumni live in the city of Haifa today, a fact which made this meeting even more exciting and meaningful to most, since it gave them a chance to share their personal experiences and initiate deep conversations about how their lives are affected by the city. After the tour, we had a celebratory Ramadan dinner together.

The Haifa event was the first event to be fully planned and conducted by alumni. While done under the supervision and with the support of our director and staff, alumni have been able to show their commitment both to the organization and to each other by actively engaging in the process of planning and creating, participating in, and overseeing the success of the meeting.