By Charlie Crooijmans

Said Chraibi Prize | Ud Festival 2018

As a recognetion of his work and creation, Nizar was honoured with the Said Chraibi Prize during Nethrlands Ud Festival. The ceremoney was held during the Festival's final concert on 23 November 2018 at Muzikgebouw in Amsterdam. 

Ud Festival 2018

Nizar will give three concert with different projects during the 2nd endition of the Dutch Ud Festival.

Dutch Masters of the Ud, Erasmus Park, Amsterdm,  9 September.

Dutch Matsers of the Ud, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 10 October.

Rohana-Overwater Ensemble , Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, 20 October.

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NewLands Festival 2018

Nizar will have an active role as a coach and a performer during NewLands Festival 2018.

NewLands Taelen Programm, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, 14-18 September:

Special guest wth Holland Baroque & Layale Chaker, Bimhuis, Amsterdam, 21 September

NAJWA, Bimhuis, 22 September:

Performing with New European Ensemble a new piece by Oene Van Geel

Nizar will perform together with New European Ensemble a new piece by the dutch viola player and composer Oene van Geel: 'concerto for ud & chamber ensemble'. The piece will be premiered during Oriental Landscapes Festival (June 2017) at De Paard in The Hague, TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, and at Bimhuis in Amsterdam.

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Rohana-Overwater Ensemble debut album will be funded by AFAC

The Arab Fund for Arts & Culture will fund Rohana-Overwater Ensemble debut album. The album will be released in autumn 2018. 

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Furāt (Euphrates) album is out now!

Nizar Rohana Trio new album Furāt (Euphrates) is out now on CD & DL. Stream and order your copy!

الموسيقيّ نزار روحانا يُطلق ألبومه "فُرات" في فلسطين ضمن جولة عروض

19 نيسان/ أبريل، رام الله، معهد إدوارد سعيد الوطنيّ للموسيقى
20 نيسان/ أبريل، القدس، معهد إدوارد سعيد الوطنيّ للموسيقى
21 نيسان/ أبريل، حيفا، مسرح الميدان

Nizar Rohana announces the release of his second album Furāt (Euphrates) on Friday 15 April 2016

Oud player and composer Nizar Rohana announces the release of his second album Furāt (Euphrates) worldwide on Friday 15 April, composed by Rohana and performed by his trio comprising himself on Oud, Matyas Szandai on double bass and Wassim Halal on percussion.