Nizar Rohana- SARD (Narration) (2008)

Nizar Rohana launched his first album "Sard" (Narration) in May 2008. Here he maintains an idiomatic language for the Oud, yet achieves refreshing new expressions and rhythms through dialogues with double bass, qanoun and percussion. The album includes five pieces composed by Nizar. They are Sard, Umm El Zeinat, Iraq, Ajam and Hijaz. In addition there are two familiar tunes that were specially arranged for this recording: Sama’i Farahfaza by Jamil Al Tambouri (arranged by Khaled Jubran) and “Ya rayeh sawb bladi” by Ahmad Qaabour (arranged by Nizar Rohana). BUY ALBUM 


Nizar Rohana- oud

Hani Asaad-  percussion

Geoffroy Delori- double bass

Wafa Zaghal- qanoun

Musical Supervision: Khaled Jubran

Recorded at Josephandone Studio

Graphic design: Palitra Design

This Production was made possible through Culture Resource’s Production Awards Program.