Nizar Rohana Trio- Furāt (Euphrates) (2016)

The pieces in this recording reflect the quality of flow, captured through the image of the Euphrates River (Furāt). The civilizations and peoples that have lived along the river's course provide the themes for the compositions, from the Syrian city of Mayādīn to the ancient ruins of Al-Dālya, between the willow trees along its banks and through the Jūrjīnā rhythm cherished in Iraq.

Nizar Rohana- SARD (Narration) (2008)

The album "Sard" (Narration) was released in May 2008. Here, Rohana maintains an idiomatic language for the ud, yet he achieves refreshing new expressions and rhythms through dialogues with double bass, qanun and percussion. The album includes five pieces composed by Nizar. They are Sard, Umm El Zeinat, Iraq, Ajam and Hijaz. In addition, there are two familiar tunes that were specially arranged for this recording: Sama’i Farahfaza by Jamil Al Tambouri (arranged by Khaled Jubran) and “Ya rayeh sawb bladi” by Ahmad Qaabour (arranged by Nizar Rohana).

Om de Oude Wereldzee (Around the Ancient World Sea) (2015)

(As a side-man)

This album is the soundtrack to the 8-episode IKON documentary series 'Om de Oude Wereldzee' (‘Around the Ancient World Sea’) based on the travels of Dutch politician Abraham Kuyper. In 1905 Kuyper traveled from the Balkan to Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Palestine to North Africa, Spain, Italy and Greece. Rooted in the strict Christian world of the Dutch Reformed Church, Kuyper was nevertheless interested in a wide variety of religions around the Mediterranean. After his travels he wrote two large books about his experiences: ‘Around the Ancient World Sea’.

Tales of Tala- UNTOLD (2011)

(As a side-man)

UNTOLD finds the band Tales of Tala crossing a wide and varied musical landscape. No maps are needed, using the sense of direction and diverse talents of aDutch bass player, a German saxophonist, a Hungarian jazz violinist, a Palestinian ud player and a Bangla Desh percussionist (in geographically clockwise order).