Alumni Projects

Our alumni are our greatest asset, and are critical for our ongoing success and sustainability. Therefore, we strive to create ongoing opportunities for our alumni to use their knowledge and expertise in their own fields to reach new communities and affect local change through local programming.

Following our Alumni Fellowship Program, alumni engaged in planning and conducting programs in a wide variety of communities based in different areas and touching on various issues. Here are some of the programs and projects carried out by our alumni:

Nour conducted a program in her own Bedouin community in Rahat (in the South). Her program focused on communication and leadership skills through the sharing of personal stories. The program provided space for young women, ages 17 to 19, to share and discuss issues including education, women working outside the home, and early marriage. The program included fifteen participants, and continued for six months.

In Nour’s words: “Working with a group was the last thing I wanted to do; however, after working with this wonderful group of young girls, I find myself wanting to do it again and again. Today I believe I can lead a significant change in my community, and I will! ”.

Angie hosted a workshop in her local community in South Tel Aviv addressing foreign workers’ rights. The workshop, organized in partnership with local organization Kav LaOver (Workers’ Hotline), aimed at educating and empowering foreign workers with the knowledge about their rights and channels of pursuing legal redress.

Tal-Shahar started a program called “Cross-Words” which aimed to bring together university-aged Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian participants in Jerusalem, to discuss Arabic and Hebrew literature. The program was held in Jerusalem where 6-8 writers, artists, or any creative-types (Israelis and Palestinians)met in our office once a month to discuss different issues and engage in dialogue through exploring both Palestinian and Israeli literature. Participants were provided with literature pieces which address different issues in the Palestinian and Israeli communities, and were able to learn, share, as well as listen to others ' perspectives.

Tasneem started a program called “Sight and Insight” dedicated to women leadership and empowerment. She worked with a group of 7 young women from her village in the North on developing leadership and communication skills targeting issues concerning women’s roles in their own communities. She conducted meetings in a community center in Beer al-Maksur, a Bedouin village in the North, and implemented workshops inspired by her own experience as an alumni of Building Bridges.

Roni worked on a unique project dedicated to re-branding and recreating the visual identity and image of the Building Bridges Jerusalem organization. During the course of 6 months, she planned and conducted meetings in the Jerusalem office where she worked exclusively with our staff to create a new logo for the organization, a tagline, a website design, and a new image that best reflects its identity. Roni was able to creatively utilize her skills in graphic design to create a cohesive image that encompesses the diversity and individuality of our organization.

In addition to conducting local programs, our alumni engaged in creating opportunities to support organizational development by re-imaging, redirecting, and reinvigorating existing resources on the ground.